Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zine and Politick Matters

Download the first show in year six of radio free school

- Union for Childrens Rights!

interviews - Evelyna Kay (President UCR)
Brian McHattie (City Councillor, Hamilton ON)

music -
Minutemen, Love Dance, Double Nickels on the Dime

tech - Beatrice Ekoko

- - - -

Well, we didn’t make it to the Toronto Small Press Fair this week end; despite the fact that Kitty Corner number 2 and the new zine Curdled Way travelled to Arizona and back ( girls were colouring the cover pages of their zines on the plane). Too crazy busy and we had jet lag too.

My zine (Radio Free School) didn’t even make it to the photo copiers. Apologies to poor Mq who worked hard to get her zine together (World Wide Zine) for the occasion.

I need to find another venue for us.

Interesting development; should children be allowed to vote?

Union for Children’s Rights (UFCR) brainchild of E’s is coming along very well and was the subject of today’s radio show. She’s appointed herself the president and so far has been interviewing children and adults including a local politician down at City Hall. (She was accompanied by her sisters and a friend and we, her parents).

We are looking in to the 'Mayor for a day' program that’s initiated by our local mayor. E has a zine too, and a blog in the works that will display ideas, and goals of UFCR.

M is the reluctant vice-president; Mq takes care of environmental issues. B is in charge of employment concerns!

E is actively recruiting new members.


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VolodyA! V Anarhist said...

"Union of Children's Rights" is ultimately the best podcast i've ever listened to. q;-)

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