Monday, June 18, 2007

"Trees are the kindest things I know"

Trees are the kindest things I know,... Harry Behn

Last Saturday, B and I participated in “Trees Count.’ It’s a project that inventories trees in our local community. We met at the Dundas Drive in Park on a bright sunny morning and were briefed up as to what to look at in a tree to see how healthy it is.
So, setting out in teams we were given a section of trees where we took notes in a chart provided for that purpose. First of all what species (we had blue fir tree, an oak some maples, a walnut). We had to measure the stem the circumference, the height of the crown the height of the tree the drip line ( the width of the crown). Then onto what the stem look like; did it have scars? Cracks? Did it have conks (mushrooms)? What about the branches? Any dead? Broken? And the foliage? Was it yellowish? Was there defoliation? Where is the tree; is it next to a structure, wires overhead? Too close to another tree?
I really learnt a lot and B says she did too although it was a bit boring for her. We were all learning so it was hard to include her too. Also she was the only representative of Tree Friends there; so no kids of her age. But hopefully we can get all the tree friends together for another go at it in the coming weeks. Still she said she learnt a lot too- and on the way home we were examining the trees along the way and identifying trees that were sick. We were appalled at the gypsy moth caterpillars creeping all over the trees. A real infestation! Disgusting.

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