Sunday, February 03, 2008

astonishing: bronwyn vanishes!

Gateway to Fairiedom?
By Ernest Wright, Dundas Globe News

A magic portal accidentally discovered in the woods of Dundas by nine-year old Bronwyn Hayes has the small Ontario town in Southern Canada abuzz.

These astonishing photos by Bronwyn's father, Denver Hayes seem to prove the existence of magical gateway to invisibility.

"It's not actually a portal, in the sense that it doesn't seem to lead anywhere," suggests eminent scientist Dr. James Quon, "but it is a very rare example of a fairie haven point."

Quon's multi-disciplinary research team, based at University of Southern California (Berkeley) have found only one other such "fairie haven point" (or FHP) , the other one on the west coast of Ireland, near Doolin, on the emerald Isle, now a major tourist attraction.

The Dundas FHP is just east of a tree, bent in an elegant arch, near a small wetland. A busy walking trail passes within several metres of the site.

"We have no means to seek them out, other than just these sort of accidental wanderings," says a thrilled Quon. FHP give no clues as to their existence, which some mythologists link to the "little people" or fairies, also known as leprechauns, making such findings extremely significant for study.

FHP's are theorized to have been special hiding places for fairies to elude pursuers. Fairie sightings are still occasionally reported in Ireland and northern parts of Europe and the British Isles, but very few have ever been reported in Canada.

Bronwyn's experience was nothing special, according to the young girl. Having no idea that she had vanished from sight, and that her answering calls to her worried parents could not be heard, she was unperturbed by the fuss.

Her parents say they only saw and heard her when she emerged back from under the suspected FHP.

"One second she was there, then gone. We were so relieved when she came walking towards us," says Denver.

Interestingly, the Irish FHP was discovered by another girl, named Bronwen.

Dr. Quon's team was on site only hours after the event, with the area cordoned off by police to keep the throngs of onlookers at bay.

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