Friday, November 21, 2008

Inspiration from the past

While moving house, I came across a hand made book my sister had made years ago when she was a child of ten. She had written a wonderful story and illustrated it with beautiful, detailed and careful art. This little book had been lying around in a plastic bag for years- almost 30 years- and no one had looked at it.
But when my daughter B saw it she was electrified. She immediately studied it and then began a series or drawings copied from the book, based on the book, inspired by the book ("Aunty P did these at age 10? I'm 10 and I want to do stuff like this.").
What has followed is the beginning of her own hand made book. She is so engaged in book making that her vibes are catching and her sister is now also making a book. Together, they pore over the pages, getting ideas on perspective, design, facial expressions and so on.

Thank you, dear sister for this inspiration. I mentioned it to her and she said she might want to do illustrations if she has stories. So i tell my girls, let's give her stories!

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