Monday, March 30, 2009


When I go into a school, any school, my body reacts thus; "Toxic. Toxic!"
Doesn't matter that the classroom is brightly decorated, or that the kids are sitting doing art, or on computers. It might look interesting but the point is,for me there is something very unwholesome about institutionalized learning.
The place reeks of contrived projects and curriculum. Imposed learning.
The atmosphere is suffocating with the lack of not only actual air (notice that the windows,if there are any in the first place are hardly ever opened), but with the lack of free will.
If you go to a prison and see inmates drawing, or writing or playing games does that lessen the feeling of confinement and restriction? Of course it doesn't. You still know, your body knows that this is not natural. Nothing is natural about having a whole lot of folks in one area all made to do the same thing as everyone else in the group.
Everything about compulsory schooling is arbitrary. "This year, we are following such and such a curriculum. If you don't, you won't pass and you will never get into the next level and you'll never get a job! Oh yeah, actually forget that curriculum. We're using this one instead. If you don't follow THIS one, then you'll not be allowed to get to the next level and then you'll end up becoming a bum. What's that? The government is changing the curriculum for next year? Okay okay. So forget that. I was talking about the curriculum that will be in place next year. That's the one you want to watch!"
We have a problem. In 'primitive' societies you learn to hunt because if you don't you won't know how to feed yourself. Life itself necessitates and dictates. In our world it's, "learn this because you might need it sometime in the future."
Not a very practical way to go about educating young people.
It's like in the Harry Potter book where Professor Umbridge insists that the students don't need to learn any real defensive spells since they won't be facing any thing dangerous in their exams-passing exams obviously being the only goal of school.
"And what good's theory going to be in the real world?" said Harry loudly, his fist in the air again. Professor Umbridge looked up. "This is school, Mr Potter, not the real world,"she said softly.

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