Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Homeschool Liberation League

"The Homeschool Liberation League" by Lucy Frank is a middle-grade novel coming out in July.

After a summer at Wilderness Camp, thirteen year- old Katya decides that she absolutely cannot go back to school. At school she can’t eradicate invasive alien plants, go on foraged-food-finding missions, or just be herself. Her parents, despite being “school kind of people,” are willing to give it a try, but Katya has to stick to their (just-like-school!) assignments. This isn’t what she had in mind.

So with the help of a mysterious violin-playing boy, Milo, and new friend Francesca, Katya comes up with a plan to save her homeschooling experience. The three become the founding members of the Homeschool Liberation League––but will it be enough to convince Katya’s parents that her ideas about learning might be just right for her? (Amazon.com review)

Check out this review as well

Sounds promising.


Lucy said...

Hi. I wrote The Homeschool Liberation League for the seventh grade me, standing at the blackboard with my gum plastered on my nose, forced to write one hundred times, "SILENCE IS GOLDEN AND I WANT TO BE A RICH LITTLE GIRL" (this really happened!),the me with energy to burn and a gazillion ideas, except at school.
I wrote it for the adult me who thought that if I only worked hard enough, got the jargon down, and
wore the right clothes, I could somehow make myself fit in at my many jobs.
I wrote it for every girl or boy who knows there has to be more to life than getting through the day,
going through the motions, and trying to meet other people's expectations.
Lucy Frank

Luna said...

Thank you for mentioning the book :) I will pass the info along.

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