Monday, August 17, 2009

Jonas Brothers Are Homeschooled. Who knew?

My Son’s a Latin Lover,
Says Jonas Brothers’ Mom

The Jonas Brothers may all wear purity rings, but at least one of them is a veritable Latin lover!
Interviewed on Radio, the superstars’ mom, Denise Jonas, reveals what her home-schooled sons’ favorite subjects are.
Kevin loves literature and he loves Shakespeare. He also loves etymology, which is amazing. And he loved and he studied Latin,” she says of her eldest boy, now 21. “My husband and I disagreed on if he should take Latin or Spanish. And I said, ‘He has a passion to want to do Latin. Let him do that.’

Frankie [8], our little one, is in love with science. Nicholas [16] loves English. And Joseph [19] – I don’t know that he has any favorite,” Denise tells host, and senior editor, Rebecca Kochenderfer.

She also discusses the home-school curriculum she favors for her musical prodigies. “That would be Accelerated Christian Education. It works because of our travel schedule. And for my older boys, online stuff is just fabulous,” says Denise.

But her chat about home-schooling doesn’t end there. Denise also discusses what she likes most about it. “Everything’s an advantage. For instance, it’s great that we can take our kids to a midnight screening of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience because we home-school – and we can sleep in ‘til 10 o’clock!”

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Anonymous said...

Aren't most famous or rich kids 'homeschooled' or a least privately tutored? Miley Cyrus doesn't go to school does she? Apparently she was bullied there;as well as Taylor Swift!!!

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