Sunday, December 06, 2009

Buy Nothing Christmas?

Every year the question of 'to gift or not to gift' comes up in my family (that is the adults in the family! The kids are all for getting). As the extended family grows with more nieces and nephews, things can get crazy. The extreme pressure this season puts on people to give and receive can often ruin the intent behind said season, with people even going into debt because of this.

We question the over-consumption this season brings and the discrepancy between those who have and those who have not. When you hear that some kids are wishing for socks and canned items in their stockings this year it reminds you that there is real hunger and poverty in our communities. If you are going to give doesn't it make mores sense to give to those who need it most rather than give to those who already have?
After discussing this with my sisters, it is actually a relief to decide not to exchange gifts with one another (of course our own kids are not yet ready to give up presents from we parents). We plan to concentrate on enjoying one another's company instead and of course the good food and cheers that comes with that.

Now I have to tackle the in-law side of things!


Anonymous said...

Christmas stresses me out every year - I no longer equate presents with love, but there is a lot of pressure to play along with the gift giving game. People insist on their "right" to give me a gift after I say not to, which creates guilt, and goes against the spirit of the season, which is sharing time and food, not shopping at Walmart for plastic stuff.

clementine said...

What about homemade gifts? it is hard to imagine Xmas without presents! I mean isn't exchanging gifts a way to honour one another?
I guess in the past people would buy special things like oranges and nuts things they couldn't afford to buy all year round and this would emphasis the whole celebration thing.

Anonymous said...

Christmas presents often end up being things people don't even want. I agree that presents don't prove you love someone.

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