Saturday, January 16, 2010

Higher Education without highschool:3

Over in BC, Linda Clement's two daughters have been unschooled all their lives and following a self-directed learning style has lead the girls into institutions of higher learning that are in keeping with their interests.
Mother writes:

"Because they weren't interested in spreading their professional training over 4 years (with the extra costs involved) they both elected for private colleges, which in BC means no provincial funding --it's possible to get student loans and everything, but public school tuition looks a lot cheaper because it's heavily subsidized for residents. So, they got to pay the big money for a one-year program that didn't insist that they take unrelated subjects.
Daughter #1 had to have a transcript from the school she was registered at (in BC, homeschooled kids must be registered at a school whether or not they attend!!) and to provide an essay about why she wanted to attend. It was the single writing assignment she had for the entire program.
She completed her 1 year fashion design program at Pacific Design Academy, a local, long-standing arts college which teaches graphic design, fashion design, interior design and architectural technology. She is now working in a variety of jobs --at a pub-style restaurant, at a clothing store, as a liquor rep and selling Partylite. She's been offered a job working with a local designer and manufacturer, making costumes for dance and skating, but so far hasn't taken her up on it because it's a nasty long commute. She also does a bit of commission work as a seamstress and some styling/personal shopper stuff.
Daughter #2's school (Western Academy of Photography) wanted a letter from the registering school that said she'd 'completed' her education. So I wrote it for the school, forwarded it to them, they say 'wow, can we use this again?' and signed it and sent it to the school.
Otherwise, what they wanted was a cheque and the application form. Both schools said applicants had to be 19 or highschool grads, but both had application forms that had a place for a parent's signature for under-19s, and nowhere that asked about former schooling at all.
It helps to remember that colleges and universities are businesses, with stable expenses. If the program has room in it, the standards evaporate."

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