Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kids do Work

My kids like to earn $$. One teaches piano, the other babysits. My youngest is taking care of a couple of dogs. In the past she has made $$ by selling a zine called Kitty Corner at small press fairs. Now that her interest has evolved to dogs she is starting up a new zine that will be focused on dogs.

They have made money entering competitions in poetry and music (though not very reliable as a steady source!).
They will be doing weeding for my sister this summer as well.

I laughed when I read John Taylor Gatto's comment about growing up in Monongahela, Pennsylvania that, "if you weren’t earning money and adding value to the town by the age of seven, you were considered a jerk. I swept out a printing office daily, sold newspapers, shoveled snow, cut grass, and sold lemonade."

What about your kids? What kinds of jobs are your kids doing to earn money?


Anonymous said...

i sell ziens :)) lol

Anonymous said...

Hello. Haven't you heard? Thee are rules against child labor.

rfs said...

We are not talking about enslaving our kids: we are talking about providing them with opportunities to earn their own cash- and gaining a sense of pride and appreciation in the bargain.

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