Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Read Radio Free School

In our seven years of producing a radio show, we have interviewed many people about unschooling and authentic learning. Some of these people include Grace Llewellyn, John Taylor Gatto, Pat Farenga, Matt Hern, Wendy Priesnitz, David Cayley, Aaron Falbel, Jerry Mintz, Carol Dweck, Joseph Pierce.

Other interviews include 'pioneer' parents in the field of unschooling such as Sandra Dodd, Linda Clement, Marty Lane as well as fun interviews with authors Kit Pearson, Denis Lee, Gordon Korman etc.

At one point I had the idea to transcribe the interviews into a book.

I am revisiting the idea. As a start, I plan to post weekly excerpts from the interviews to give you a feel for what the eventual book will hold.

Stay tuned for some really insightful reading!


clementine said...

Love the plan. Love this blog and was a regular listener of the radio show too. Thanks!

Radio Ads said...

Great idea, i am sure this idea will rock.

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