Sunday, July 25, 2010

Words of Wisdom from my 11 year old daughter

This summer, I've learned a few things from my wise 11 year old kid:

1. "It's easier to relax and not be so uptight then it is to try to control us.It will all work out. Always does."
This is in reference to my worrying that she and her sisters needed to 'pull their weight' and help out at the cottage, where we had all been invited.

2. She told me her Uncle D didn't want to come to the cottage,talking instead about how in Alberta there is a beautiful place with mountains and lakes; and that's where he dreams about going one day. She tells me she said, 'But you aren't in Alberta! You have a chance to go to this lovely place. Here. Now."

3. When I was frustrated because I had been in the water and I wanted to get back to the cottage to change but I had to keep an eye out for her as she was still in the water she asked me;
"What is it you would like to be doing right now that you haven't done yet?"
"Gaze at the lake."
"Do it. Do it right now."
And I did, And I watched her swirl in the water, arms raised, stretched out in imitation of the blue heron in the distance; both giving thanks to the lake.
"You see what I've given you? I gave you this," she said. And she had.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're daughter is teaching you that you can only control yourself.
Children can be so helpful in teaching us life lessons
Good for you both!

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