Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Learning in Community

Work groups. Study groups. Learning in coops and communities. These are the topics of my recent blog entries as I continue to make plans on starting a space in my home and invite families to join us in studying and in doing things together.
One of my daughter's friends wants to learn life skills with us- sewing, cooking, tying knots, making preserves etc. Since she goes to school we are planning to do this on a week day evening.

I'm looking into have 'table time' where she and her unschooled friends can sit down together at a table and focus on their work-either on something they are working on together, or something they are doing individually. The idea is that learning together is a social opportunity; a community-nurturing occasion.

Scott Peck said somewhere about community that "unless you do it, it will vanish."
A good way to do do that,is working together.
How about you? What does your 'community' look like?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a school to me.

Randy said...

um, except there is no coercion, Anonymous...
Schedules could be arranged according to the needs of the learners, not the dictates of the marketplace.
Kids could learn at their own pace. They could take breaks if they needed. Or they could spend more time if they wanted to, and not be interrupted by bells and other schedules.
I could think of lots of other ways that this arrangement is fundamentally different than school - can't you?

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