Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog-spiration: 5 blogs that rock!

Blogs are great. That's why I had the idea of sharing with you some really cool blogs I've been inspired by in the last little while.
Starting with Crunchy Chicken, (putting the mental in environmental) this blog is about how you can live in the 21st century as harmlessly to the planet as possible-as well as reduce toxic chemical exposure in our environment.

Crunchy is this witty lady from Seattle who is at her best when she's giving you a challenge-whether it's the 'Hang em out to dry in October,' or it's using cloth instead of toilet paper to wipe, Crunchy has even the most strident of environmentalists squirming!!

On the unschooling front I've been enjoying Idzie Desmarais I'm unschooled. Yes I can write. Idzie is an unschooled Montreal youth who writes bravely and articulately about unschooling and living her life close to her ideals. Always a refreshing read.

Wendy Priesnitz is a pioneer and elder in the home education community in Canada and her many wonderful books and magazines are some of the most inspirational reads around if you want to get into the real life, day to day of unschooled living. Her blog is Life Learning and you'll find a clear, 'deep digging' thinking that will help you on your unschooling adventure.

Next on my short list this morning is Marcia's Child in Harmony (for the child within all of us) for its sheer beauty and simplicity. This blog is a delight to look at and the many quotes give instant satisfaction. Just a nice balm for those tired days.

Okay-I said 5 blogs didn't I? Well I'm going to ask readers to share with me their favourite blogs and from what you send me, I'll take a pick. Send 'em in!


clementine said...

I've been following Crunchy Chicken for a while and love her natural beauty tips.

Jessie Cumberland said...

Love your suggestions. Child in Harmony is beautiful!

My newest favorite blog is one I found on the Radio Free School "Cool Links," so thanks for that! It's the blog of writer Laura Weldon---a wise perspective that keeps me going and sometimes funny too.

rfs said...

@Jessie-love a person with a sense of humour! Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Here's a great blog by a bi-racial family

Jackie said...

Love the " I'm homeschooled and I can write" one thanks. You may like my blog Home School Leaning
I post Homeschooling ideas, info and inspiration most days and on a Sunday I post a list of links to relevant articles, events and links I've found during the week.

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