Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Secure Schools? Ultimate School Randomness

I wasn't going to, I wasn't going to, I wasn't going to write anything about schools today but then I just had to. Secure Schools is the heading to the letter I recently received from my middle school daughter's middle school; 'Safe and Caring Schools.'
What happened to plain old school?

I mean, if I were a parent starting my kids out with public school and I got that letter-it would start warning bells ringing in my head. It would imply to me that school are not safe-otherwise why have to define them as 'secure' in the first place?

The letter went on to explain that schools in the Hamilton- Wentworth District have a new policy in place.
Schools love school words. The latest on that piece of paper "being used by schools, police and members of the media across Ontario when there is a situation that impacts the safety of students" are these three "terms":

Lockdown: Potentially violent situation at the school
Hold and Secure: Safety situation in the neighbourhood external to the school
Shelter in Place: Potentially environmental hazard outside the school.

In addition to these charming terms I, and other parents are now supposed to familiarize ourselves with, (I feel really reassured now!! Not!) we were each given a card that will fit in our wallets with the terms on it as well as instructions "where to go for info when your child is in a secure schools situation... and a secure schools HOTLINE.
"When your child is in a secure schools situation"????? What does that mean?

Oh! Stupid me! Now I get it. What they really mean to say masked behind this twisted lingo, is should one of these horrible scenarios arise, we will make everyone feel better; rather than being honest and saying 'unsafe, insecure' school, we will say that they are in a 'secure school situation." Brilliant. Makes us feel we really are in safe hands.


Anonymous said...

Put this way, secure schools sound anything but secure! This would frighten the daylights out of me if I were sending my kids to school. Thankfully, I'm not!

Kim said...

I agree!!

(I have been listening to the radio show clips on here and I'm loving it!)

rfs said...

Thanks Kim! Stay tuned for more interviews.

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