Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My Family and Other Animals: A fine model of Unschooling!

I just re-watched the film My family and Other Animals (2005)and love it. It's based on the book by the same title-written by Gerald Durrell. Come to think about it, I have already writtenabout this movie in a previous post but I so enjoyed the film (and so did my family) that I have to bring it up again for those of you who haven't seen it yet-it's so endearing. So quirky. I also intend to read the book next.

Gerald "Gerry" Malcolm Durrell (January 7, 1925 – January 30, 1995) was a naturalist,zookeeper, conservationist, author, and television presenter. He founded what is now called the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He is remembered for writing a number of books based on his life as an animal collector and enthusiast. He was the brother of the novelist Lawrence Durrell.

What is even more exciting about the movie is that it is an unschooling movie. In my opinion it is an example of unschooling at its best.

Portrayed is a rather eccentric tight-knit family-each member engaged in pursuing their passions and interests.

One quote in the movie that I particularly like from the mother Mrs. Durrell. She says, "If you can control your family you've gone terribly wrong somewhere."

Hear! Hear!

She is kind,supportive of, although mildly interested in the children's (adolescent and young adults) pursuits. Mrs.Durrell is tolerant,non-judgmental; even indulgent -where it matters. She is a comfortable, protective mother. Watch her go after the tutor they have employed for Gerry- when he starts making eyes at her daughter!!!.
Gerry spends ages 10 to 14 in the beautiful  island oasis of Corfu -surrounded by his beloved menagerie and supported by family, his brother's friends, and a professor who mentors his interest in animals.

At the end of the movie,on returning to England Gerald says about being made to go to school despite his protests:

I said I liked being half-educated; you were so much more surprised at everything when you were ignorant.

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Anonymous said...

Love this movie! Another great unschooling movie is Nim's Island

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