Sunday, July 03, 2011

People who love what they do, like to share what they do.

People who love what they do, like to share what they do.
That has been my experience any way. For example, when my family and I were producing our weekly program, we had the great fortune to meet with all kinds of amazing people in our community. These people, whether they were a shoemaker, an anthropologist, a vet, a witch, a potter or what have you-generously shared their knowledge and skills with us.

Most importantly, they imparted their passion and love for what they did.

What a thrill to be taught by people who are really, really in to what they do! The mood is contagious- even if one will never actually follow that same path. The idea that there is a mathematician out there who solves problems by using origami or that if we like, we can take a peek through the telescope of our neighbour, the astronomer and see Jupiter's rings, or that we can help grow veggies with our local urban farmer etc. was enough of an education in itself as far as I am concerned.

They showed us -my family and the friends who came along with us on our excursions- that there is a way to live life that requires effort of course, but that effort stems from love of what you do. Who could ask for better instruction?
I particularly recall the violinist and cellist who came to our home and played a wonderful concerto while we sat open mouthed-in awe of their talent and their humbleness. These amazing sisters could never know how much they inspired my daughter to continue with her violin playing.

I remember the thrill my oldest (who is now a budding poet and author) experienced when she interviewed at age ten, author Gordon Korman-then a favorite writer.

So when you are looking for opportunities in unschooling, keep this idea in mind: immerse yourself around people who are excited about what they are doing. The world will open up to you.


Motherfunker said...

Wrote an article about this very thing just recently. It's called Wonderful World, Beautiful People, You can read it here: . All the best, great blog! Paula Cleary aka Motherfunker x

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great article! Thank you for promoting the importance of community : )

rfs said...

@motherfunker- I just went over to your site and read your article. Really good. Thanks for that.
@lifeistheteacher-thanks for the comment. Community really is one of the most important tools for learning.

Sara said...

Tools for conviviality anyone? Love it!

rfs said...

@Sara-Ivan Illich!! LOVE this book.

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