Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crazy things I've heard recently about education

I am starting to collect startling things I hear about the way people think when it comes to learning and education. Here are two examples of that..weirdness, for lack of a polite word.

"I am a strong believer in kids getting their education first..before pursuing their acting career."
This is an acting instructor who said this to me when I was searching for opportunities for my daughter to act. It's what she wants to do with all her heart and is ready to give it her all.
What did this instructor mean? She meant that pursuing acting- which includes reading works of drama and the historical context that they are set in, watching and critiquing films, learning communication and analytical skills, learning to speak publicly, and emote and convey feelings, is NOT education?

I think she equates receiving that piece of paper from a high school showing that you attended the school almost every day for 4 years straight, with getting you've got your education. Or did she mean pursue acting only once you've got your university or college degree? How 'educated' must you be before you can pursue your passion?

The other crazy thing I heard recently is this:
I don't want him to stay out of school. He might find something he is really interested in and not want to go back!!"

This was a parent saying this about his son who just finished high school and wants to do something else before spending another 2 to 4 years in an institution. He meant he might discover a passion- something that he might really get into and love and enjoy and that will consume his life because it thrills him so much. He might even make a living out of it. He might even help others through this interest. But -no. Oh no. He won't be 'educated.'


Denise said...

Our society has it all backwards, doesn't it? I can only imagine a world filled with people discovering their passions, and then have everyone encourage each other to develop them early in life. I often wonder what amazing things have never been seen, or discovered because we are backwards.

rfs said...

@Denise- I hear you! I often think about such a world too! How exciting it would be. A passionate world.
Thanks for commenting.

Cathy said...

My husband has recently taken on a management position and we have been amazed at how many of the bigwigs but also regular employees feel this need to force people to do everything. The idea seems to be that if you don't make strong demands on people, they will get lazy and not do anything but take advantage of the system. I think this same viewpoint is found everywhere in our society.

This post makes me laugh a little as I keep telling my kids to wait on college, save their money, and go live life before making any decisions about their futures. :)

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