Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am old. Very old.

it was my birthday the other day. I felt --older. But now I feel good about my age. I am 8 billion years old. So are you! That's not too bad if we are all about the same age right?
You might be thinking I'm losing it. Actually, I learned this from a lecture Ev and B and I attended yesterday night at McMaster University. As part of the Origins Institute Public lecture Series, they had astrophysicist Tom Abel (Stanford U) come and talk about the first star in the universe at the cosmic dawn.

It was desperately hot in the lecture hall and I had to fan B most of the time because she was melting into her cosmic particles. Still we learned that around 100 million massive stars have helped in making each person. And that about the amount of one of your little fingers used to be in the earliest stars. We used to be almost a million light years across!
So we were asked to take it personally, which I do!

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lotusbirther said...

totally fascinating and information i shall be sharing..

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