Friday, October 24, 2008

The parable of the leaves

I was walking home with my daughter one afternoon this week, admiring the falling leaves swirling down from the trees and making everything seem so exciting and mysterious. I suggested that we try catching a leaf for luck like we always do in the fall time. She thought about it for a moment and responded with,"you know mummy. When I was little I used to always chase leaves from one spot to another. But when I ran in one direction a leaf would fall right in the spot where I'd just taken off from. That kept on happening. So now I don't run anymore. I just stay in one spot and the leaves fall on me."
Profound metaphor for the way I'm living my life which seems to be dashing from one thing to another grasping desparately for any falling lucky leaf instead of staying in one spot, calm and collected knowing that the leaves will fall to me.
So that's my food for thought this week. Thanks daughter!

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