Monday, June 22, 2009

Open it up!

Okay, so I am on a John Taylor Gatto roll. You will be seeing, listening and reading more of Gatto on this blog because what he has to say is of greater urgency than ever before. Our physical world is threatened by our stupidity, yet we keep educating (read 'schooling') our kids based on the same principles we've been upholding since state education became compulsory 150 years ago.

In this really long video you will listen to Gatto talk about a strategy of learning called Open Source Learning. Inspired by Linus Tovalds's Open System (in contrast to Microsoft's hoarding approach) Open source learning is another name for unschooling, interest based, learner directed education.

Open source learning "allows everything under the sun as a possible starting point on the road to self mastery,"says Gatto.
"Nobody can give you and education. Education must be taken by those who want one. The will and dogged persistence of the seeker are the only essential tools needed to become educated. Teachers, text, money play only minor roles and papers, pencils, tests play no role at all."

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