Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reaching goals-a communal effort

She lost her nerve; she couldn't play the piece she'd played perfectly two weeks ago. Mistakes kept cropping up. Panic ensued.
She refused to play at the concert but mum wouldn't let her give up, nor stew in her frustration either. She knew that her daughter needed a way to tackle her trouble. Mum asked the music teacher if, when the other kids had gone home after the concert she might go over the trouble spots with her daughter. The teacher applauded the idea.
Enter the helping team:over and over student and teacher worked out the difficulties while grandma and grandpa,parents,sisters,and dogs all sat attentively giving their support.

Back home, days before the exam, older sister continued to help with practice and difficulty over note reading
Mum supervised scales.
Middle sister explained intervals, humming them and kindly going over them together with her. Dad was an appreciative audience. All this because she'd decided she wanted to do this thing. And she did this thing and whether or not she passes with flying colours or fails miserably she's learned that she can count on her family to help her reach her goals.

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